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Earlham Interim Executive Board (IEB)

The job of the IEB is to support and challenge the senior staff of the school in their job of driving rapid improvements in teaching and learning so that your children get the very best start to their education.

The IEB looks forward to working with Mr Kerbel, the Senior Leadership Team and all the dedicated staff of the school who are clearly committed to supporting your children to aim high, to believe in themselves and to work hard to achieve their goals. We are committed to using our wide range of skills and experience to both support and challenge the team to achieve their dedicated commitment to improving your children’s learning, standards and most importantly, pleasure in learning.

Euan Macdonald (Chair)

I am an architect and recently moved to Wood Green to settle down with my family. As father of two young daughters I have a personal interest in learning and achievement. As chair, my role is to lead and marshal the skills of the IEB to challenge and support the school’s senior leaders. I’m also naturally keen to positively transform the physical environment for children and staff alike.

Aziz Ahmed

I am a proud father to four beautiful girls, and have lived in Wood Green for the past 22 years. By profession I am in finance. My main reason for accepting the role on the IEB is to help transform Earlham to be the local ‘school of choice’, and bring pride to parents sending their children here. I believe in transparent and good communication from the school to the parents, and will make sure this is supported and challenged as needed.

Michael Cunningham

I am a retired portfolio man (I have had a lot of different jobs), and have lived in Haringey for 27 years altogether. Many of my jobs have been in the field of education and training – I have a particular interest in reading, and in language learning generally – and I am keen to use my skills and experience to help Earlham to thrive. Like my colleagues, I will be a ‘critical friend’ of the school.

Heather da Silva

I am a school improvement officer for the London Borough of Haringey working specifically in the CPD – professional development sector. I have worked in an around education for most of my career including at the Institute of Education. I aim to use my experience to help develop Teaching and Learning and the Learning environment at Earlham Primary to the very highest level with high expectations for all.

John Keever

My working life was involved with children with Special Educational Needs as a teacher, educational psychologist, university tutor, school inspector and LA Officer in different parts of London. I have served as a Governor in other schools in the past and have been pleased to see them improve what they do for their community. I went to school in Haringey. I am a parent and a fairly active grandparent. I am now retired from full-time work but still enjoy working with schools. I also work with Westminster Abbey Education Department where my work is directly with children. My skills and experience include all types of school improvement activity, particularly working with Head Teachers, Governors and Parents. I try to keep up to date on educational and I attend regular training.

Roger Knight

I went to school in Tottenham and have retained close ties with the area. I’m chair of governors of a primary school that went from special measures to outstanding in record time and I now work with some other Haringey schools. I worked in education in “Whitehall” for many years and was a director of Ofsted before I retired. When I’m not in school, I’m a trustee of an educational charity and a magistrate. I hope I can bring some practical experience to Earlham – not of being a magistrate!

Sarah Hodgson

I am a risk management professional with extensive experience in financial planning, strategic planning and governance.  I have a long standing interest in education and am keen to use my skills to help the Earlham IEB achieve its vision. I have lived in Haringey for 9 years and have two daughters, the eldest of whom recently started in reception.

The IEB replaced the old Governing Body on 15 October 2014 and, supported by Haringey’s School Improvement Service, put a number of measures in place to help the school improve faster in the face of a disappointing set of results.

During a period of transition we stabilised the senior leadership of the school through the appointment of an Executive Headteacher who lead the school until we were able to appoint a permanent Head. We also coordinated support for the school from a group of outstanding schools in Enfield to work alongside some of the teachers at Earlham in order to accelerate the children’s learning.

The school received an Ofsted section 5 visit in May 2015 and was graded as Requiring improvement to be Good, with clear actions identifying where improvement was required.

The IEB acted decisively and after an extensive recruitment drive resulting in 5 short-listed candidates appointed Daniel Kerbel as permanent Headteacher from September 2015. Mr Kerbel has introduced a new assessment framework to ensure that the New National Curriculum is being taught and that the school has moved to assessment ‘beyond levels’. He has also introduced philosophy into the school curriculum.

An Ofsted section 8 monitoring visit took place in October 2015 confirming similar findings to the Ofsted inspection of May 2015, yet noted that tangible progress and progress was being made.

Mr Kerbel was initially supported by a team of 3 Assistant Heads: Ms Cengiz; Ms Edmunds and Ms Coulborne. Their collective commitment to improvement, coupled with the dedication of the teachers, and application of the children has resulted in fantastic improvements in both attainment and progress in 2016’s assessments. This arrangement, however, was only temporary as Ms Edmonds and Ms Coulbourne were in acting roles. Throughout 2016 we worked closely with the Local Authority to arrange further support from Rhodes Avenue Primary School, an ‘Outstanding’ school who have helped with data scrutiny and moderation.

Significant progress has already been made in closing the attainment gap to be much closer to national levels, however, the school remains under close scrutiny and we will continue our support and challenge until the school is at least in line with national levels and secures a robust ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted.

During spring and summer this year the IEB appointed experienced teachers Ayshen Moustafa to the permanent role of Deputy Headteacher and Stuart Chatterton to the permanent role of Assistant Headteacher. Together with Mr Kerbel and Ms Cengiz the school now has a permanent, stable and experienced Senior Leadership Team. The strength of this team is continued throughout the school by an expanded team of middle leaders responsible for all key education phases.

We are also very proud of the improved attendance achieved in the last academic year and though everyone’s efforts we have raised our average attendance from 93.4% in 2015 to 94.5% in 2016, with the upward trend continuing.

In line with the school’s motto Aiming, Believing and Achieving, we want to build a learning culture where children have high aspirations for themselves, encouraged by the very high expectations that staff have of them. We want an ethos of self-belief which supports children to work hard, persevere and achieve their goals. We also want children to feel safe and happy at school and develop a lifelong love of learning. We believe that this is what parents in our community want for their children, and we want staff to work in partnership with you to make this a reality.

We want children to develop as well-rounded people, so our vision encompasses not only academic performance, but also many other talents such as sports skills, creativity and social skills. Furthermore, we want both to ensure that children are equipped to move on successfully to secondary school, and to prepare them to take their place in modern Britain. In order to prepare them for their adult life in society, we aim to foster attitudes of tolerance and respect for different cultures and viewpoints (already a strength of our diverse and vibrant community), and prepare them to take an active part in the democratic process. Children will have the opportunity to express their views, and deal with differences of opinion in a measured way and take part in elections for the School Council. They will look outside their local community to learn about other cultures, and also see how they might help others less fortunate than themselves through their charity projects.

The IEB meets monthly during school terms to hold the Headteacher and Senior Teachers to account for their work. We do this through monitoring the impact upon outcomes for children of the strategies they have put in place. The teachers regularly make assessments of the children to monitor their progress, and this is reported to the IEB, who can then raise questions about the strategies which are making the best impact and discuss whether further changes need to be made.

In addition to the core focus on raising standards, the IEB is responsible for ensuring that the school’s money is well spent, and for dealing with any personnel and premises issues. We are acutely aware that the condition of the building means that the environment falls far short of the standard the children should enjoy, and we are currently in discussion with the Education Funding Agency (EFA) and Haringey Council to develop proposals to positively address the historic issues with the school premises.

We constantly evaluate the school’s performance and scrutinise the school’s development plans to ensure it is on track to achieve its goals and meet the criteria of securing a ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted ahead of their next visit, which will be due before the end of the 2016-17 academic year.

Each member of the IEB brings different skills to the table which we hope will help senior leaders in their very complex task of improving the school across all these different aspects.

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