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Welcome to Earlham Primary, Wood Green

Dear Earlham Community


This is an exciting and important year for us as it follows our very successful recent Ofsted inspection in April 2017.

The inspection affirmed all the excellent teaching and learning that is ongoing in the school and the safe and happy learning environment which encourages children to thrive.

Our results have shown strong improvement in the last 2 years and we have now matched National standards in KS2 (year 6 – when our Earlham pupils graduate to Secondary school) and exceeded National standards in The Early Years (Our Early Years ie the Nursery and Reception is a great place to give your child a strong start to their education).
We have almost reached National standards in the Year 1 phonics screening and we aim to exceed National standards in phonics this year.

Every child is cared for and tracked as they make progress through the school. We are constantly adapting our planning and introducing interventions to improve the progress of each child and all of these measures stem from our Earlham vision which is to give each of our children: The character, skills, knowledge and understanding to make the best choices as they build their futures.


We aim to make learning enjoyable and motivating and actively seek opportunities for enrichment such as our recent visit of a parliament of owls. Our pupils and Staff loved having the owls fly through our hall!


At Earlham we believe that diversity is valuable and makes us richer and able to achieve more. We have 35 languages at last count. We promote kindness as a strength and our Student council learn leadership as they make effort to improve the school environment.

We have a very active PTA which promotes community , raises funds and puts those funds straight back into improving school resources.


Our focus this year is to be smart: Smart in our attendance; smart in our appearance (uniform) ; smart in our work presentation and smart in our choices.


The whole Earlham community is proud of our past achievements and focussed on building the future of every child in our school.


I look forward to a great year of learning, character development and progress




Daniel Kerbel


Earlham Primary Wood Green

"Our School is a place of learning, caring and character development and we look forward to a great year of success"