Letters to Parents

Letters and information sheets that have been sent out to our parents.

All documents are in PDF format.

26/03/2021THF_PSL_Branded Letter LV
26/03/2021Spurs Family Fun Day
19/03/2021Update Letter 190321
16/03/2021Comic Relief 190321
04/03/2021Letter from the Headteacher 040321
12/02/2021HR Sports Half Term Activities
04/02/2021ECP Parent Online Safety Session Leaflet
27/01/2021Remote Learning Survey Letter 270121
27/01/2021Safeguarding Children on Line
15/01/2021Support from the School Counselling Service
07/01/2021Flu Jab Clinic Dates
04/01/2021Letter Re School Closure 4 January 2021.
04/01/2021Letter Re School Closure 4 January 2021
17/12/2020Letter to Haringey Carers Parents Guardians December
09/12/2020End of Term Arrangements 091220
08/12/2020Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day Letter 081220
07/12/2020Advice to all Parents and Carers Single Case of Covid 071220
07/12/2020Letter for Y5 - Advice for Child to Self Isolate for 14 days 071220
24/11/2020Advice to all parents and carers - single case of covid 241120
24/11/2020Letter for Y3 and Y4 advice for child to self isolate
16/11/2020Letter for Year 5 - Advice for a child to self isolate for 14 days
16/11/2020Advice for all Parents/Carers Single Case of Covid 19
13/11/2020Odd Socks Letter 13/11/20
09/11/2020Children in Need Letter 09/11/20
06/11/2020Letter from the Headteacher 06/11/20
23/10/2020Parent and Carer Telephone Consultation Appointments
23/10/2020Letter from the Headteacher 23/10/20
21/10/2020Peony Class Temporary Cover 211020
29/09/2020Letter from Park View Academy for Year 6 Parents
29/09/2020Bike Letter for Year 5
23/09/2020Letter to Parents September 2020
18/09/2020Letter from the Headteacher 18/09/20
17/09/2020Managing Suspected and Confirmed Covid-19 Cases in Childcare and Educational Settings
16/09/2020Jeans for Genes Day
11/09/2020Letter from the Headteacher 11/09/20
04/09/2020School Menu September 2020
03/09/2020Drop off and Collection Times September 2020
02/09/2020September Re-opening Information for Parents and Carers
19/07/2020Changes affecting Year 3 pupils
17/07/2020EYFS Letter to new reception families - 16.07.20
17/07/2020Transition Leaflet
17/07/2020Photographs of the new school building
17/07/2020Letter for new Reception Children
17/07/2020Meet the new EYFS team
17/07/2020EYFS Letter to new reception families - 14.07.20
16/07/2020End of Year Letter from the Headteacher
16/07/2020Letter from the Chair of Governors
16/07/2020New Class List 2020-2021
15/06/2020Update on the New Build
12/06/2020Phased School Reopening - Important Information for Whole School Community
12/06/2020Key Worker Provisions
11/06/2020Year 6 - Returning to School
08/06/2020Update re: Partial Re-Opening of School - 08.06.20
27/05/2020Update re: Possible Reopening of Schools
15/05/2020Quick Guide to Google Classroom
15/05/2020Parents Guide to Google Classroom
15/05/2020Letter re: possible school reopening
01/05/2020Keeping in Touch
21/04/2020Wellbeing Support letter
21/04/2020Welcome Back letter - Summer Term
30/03/2020Home Learning Support Leaflet
07/02/2020Ms Revell leaving
07/02/2020Maternity Cover for Ms Kaya
07/02/2020Learn With Me sessions
05/02/2020NSPCC letter to parents and carers
25/11/2019Emerald Class visit St Thomas More Catholic Secondary School - Performance Letter
21/11/2019Parent Governor Election Letter from the Chair of Governors
21/11/2019Parent Governor Election Documents November 2019
18/11/2019School Photographer Letter
06/11/2019After School Club Letter
01/11/2019Tottenham Hotspur Letter
15/10/2019Parent Governor Letter - October 2019
15/10/2019Parent Governor Election Nomination Form
15/10/2019Procedures & Guidance for the Election of Parent Governors
09/10/2019Rescheduling of Parent Consultation Appointments
08/10/2019Earlham Club Renewal Letter
01/10/2019Parent Consultation Appointment Letter
01/10/2019New Build Meeting
01/10/2019Assembly Letter October
01/10/2019Key Event Dates Autumn Term
17/09/2019Jeans for Genes
17/09/2019Macmillan Coffee Morning
17/09/2019Meet the Teacher
06/09/2019Author of the Month - Dahl Day
06/09/2019Welcome Back Letter
05/09/2019Attendance Letter
05/09/2019Impact Sports Education
04/09/2019Woodside Park Gate Closure
04/09/2019Travelling Home Alone Letter - Years 5 and 6
19/07/2019Letter from the Chair of Governors
12/07/2019Information About New Teachers and Classes
02/05/2019KS2 Art Club
28/02/2019Singing Club Performance
14/02/2019Free tickets to Haringey Borough FC’s Earlham Primary Community Game
09/01/2019Rescheduled Parent and Carer Consultation Appointment Letter - Moonstone Class January 2019
09/01/2019Rescheduled Parent and Carer Consultation Appointment Letter - Emerald Class January 2019
09/01/2019Parent Zone - Digital Resilience Letter January 2019
09/01/2019Key Events Letter January 2019
26/11/2018Meet Our School Nurse Letter November 2018
22/11/2018EYFS and KS1 Performance Letter November 2018
19/11/2018PSHE and RSE Programme Years 5 and 6 Letter November 2018
31/10/2018Parent and Carer Consultation Appointment Letter October 2018
31/10/2018Alexandra Palace Fireworks Display Letter 2018
03/10/2018Harvest Food Bank Letter 2018
03/10/2018Non School Uniform Letter October 2018
02/10/2018Assembly Letter October 2018
21/09/2018Meet the Teacher Letter September 2018
17/09/2018Gate Closure Letter September 2018