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The Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage begins when a child is three and continues in reception class. In our last Ofsted inspection (May 2017) the Early Years provision was rated as ‘Good’ by Ofsted. 

“There are good links with parents to support their child’s learning and they are provided with regular information on the progress they make. Parents are encouraged to visit the early years to see for themselves the learning taking place and to share their child’s learning”

“Children’s attitudes and behaviour are consistently good. They are kind and friendly, take turns with activities and are keen to share resources with each other. They show independence and make choices about their learning, both indoors and outdoors”

There are 3 Prime Areas

Communication and Language

Listening and attention

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Making relationships
Self-confidence and self awareness
managing feelings and behaviour

Physical Development

Moving and Handling
Health and self-care

There are 4 Specific Areas




Shape, space and measures

Understand the World

People and communities
The world

Expressive Arts and Design

Exploring and using media and materials
Being imaginative

The progress children make in the Foundation Stage is recorded in the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile and is built upon when they enter Year 1.