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Ofsted Report 2015

All quotes used on this site have been taken from OFSTED 2015: May and October.

To view the complete May report, click here.

To view the complete October review, click here.

OFSTED October 2015 stated that:

“There is an increasing urgency to drive change. This is evident in the recent improved national test results.”

“With the support of the senior and middle leaders, you have made a very quick start to developing teaching. Within a very short time, staff have been made aware of your robust approach.”

“You have given the staff a clear outline of your vision for the school and have not wasted time to introduce changes. As a result of your determined approach, all members of staff who spoke to me indicated that they understand your vision.”

“More training is planned to sharpen their focus on using assessment to meet the needs of pupils better. You have also increased accountability for pupils’ achievement by introducing the phase system. Staff spoken to welcomed this new approach to develop their skills. The quality of marking is much improved.”

“The introduction of philosophy to increase pupils’ thinking and questioning skills has had a positive impact. Pupils told me that they are now thinking more widely and critically about their work.”

“Attendance is much improved and is currently above average. As a result of increasing the education welfare officer’s time, there is more engagement with parents and cases can be followed through.”