Positive Things About Our School


Mahdi: “In phonics you can do writing and your teachers are proud.”
Alexandros: “When people fall down, my friends will always help me.”


Damian: “Healthy food at lunchtime and delicious fruit every day.”
Mikolaj: “We get rewards and certificates for good behaviour.”


Vanessa: “We have nice, kind and helpful adults who help us and work with us. They help us to learn new things by using the whiteboard, internet and books.”
Colin: “We get to learn new songs and languages. We have many different clubs to help us. These include dodgeball, writing booster club, art, homework, gymnastics, football, cooking and Science. We also have breakfast club where we get to have a healthy breakfast.”
Nicholas and Kristian: “Children are kind to each other, we are respectful of each other’s religions, cultures and beliefs.”


Aya: “I like computing lessons.”
Ivan: “I like the uniform.”


Akdeniz: “The teachers keep us safe- they make sure we don’t speak to strangers on trips.”
Khadidja: “The school is so special to me because we have a fantastic new sports playground.”


Deandra: “I like how you get to play instruments.”
Zara P: “We get to go on fun trips – for example the cinema.”



Megan: “This is a sociable school. You can be yourself. You don’t have to be shy and you can express yourself how you want!”
David: “What I love most about Earlham is how the different subjects are taught. We learn new vocabulary and different ways to solve problems in Maths.”

Kayla: “My favourite thing about the school is the football coaches because they take us to tournaments and they make sure we are having fun in the playground.”
Maja: “You get to play violin or clarinet or trumpet.”
Selver: “We learn fun songs with our Spanish teacher.”

“The lessons in school are fun and educational.”

“Everybody has friends.”


“I think Earlham is a great school because it has such a welcoming community, which helps influence children for the future. The school is very fun which makes children have a positive attitude for learning and for coming to school every day in general.”
“I think Earlham Primary School is a fabulous school because it has skilled teachers who are very welcoming and supportive.”

Whole Class Comments

1.    There is lots of fun stuff, assemblies are fun, discos and winters fairs.

2.    Children and teachers are very nice and kind.

3.    We learn how to share and look after each other.

4.    We feel safe and protected.

5.    My teacher makes learning fun.

6.    Behaviour is good because we have no bullying. The teachers check on us to make sure we are safe and well.

7.    This is a good school because we have a lot of children that come from many different countries and cultures. We are all treated the same.

8.    There is a good choice of books to read and take home.

9.    We have good resources and equipment.

10. Maths lessons are interesting.

11. The school is safe because there are no strangers passing by.

12. The school also very special to me because we get to do drawing at golden time.

13. You always make friends. You can make 100 friends.

14. I like going to the book corner to find new books to read

15. When we come to school, every single day we learn new things. If we make a mistake we can always learn from it.