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Friends of Earlham

The Friends of Earlham is made up of a small and friendly group of parents and staff who volunteer their time to encourage closer links between home and school. Parent volunteers are needed to help organise and run individual events each term. Our aim is to organise a number of social and fundraising events throughout the year in order to raise money for our school. The money raised is then used for resources, equipment and facilities that help to enhance the children’s lives at school.

This year we need help to organise a fantastic event to the celebrate the completion of our new school. If you would like to become more involved or just need more information please do not hesitate to leave a message with the school office. Help and support are always greatly appreciated!

Volunteering in School

At Earlham Primary School we believe that voluntary workers can make a significant contribution to the school community. By sharing their skills and expertise with others, volunteers can help to enhance the learning opportunities of our pupils.

Our volunteers may include:

  • Members of the Governing Body
  • Parents of pupils
  • Ex-pupils
  • Students on work experience
  • University Students

There are two main ways of supporting in school:

  1. Occasional support (e.g. school trips or school events) where volunteers will only commit themselves to support in school on one or two occasions.
  2. Regular support – volunteers offer regular weekly support to the school for a period of time. Usually, the commitment will be for a term and will consist of weekly timetabled sessions.

*Please note that adult volunteers who assist in school on a regular basis will be subject to a criminal record check through the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service).

No volunteer or adult employee is to have unsupervised access to children prior to a satisfactory DBS which has been checked by the school.


The welfare and safety of our pupils are paramount and we are committed to safeguarding and meeting the needs of all pupils. To ensure that volunteers are clear about the school’s safeguarding policies and procedures, the school adopts the following procedures:

All volunteers wanting to support at Earlham Primary School are required to express their interest in writing. Volunteer requests should be addressed to the Headteacher and should be received via the school office. In addition, volunteers will be asked to complete a Volunteer Request Form which should also be returned to the school office.

Adult volunteers who wish to assist in school on a regular basis will be subject to a criminal record check through the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service). Volunteers will also be required to provide proof of identity with their DBS check. Please note that it is the responsibility of the volunteer to provide DBS information.

DBS check details will be recorded on our single central record

Where a volunteer is engaged in a ‘one-off’ activity e.g. helping to supervise a group of children as part of a school visit, a formal check may not be necessary but staff will ensure that they are always supervised.

Every visitor to the school is required to report to the school office upon arrival and to sign. Visitors will be issued with a visitor’s badge which must be visible at all times. All Visitors are required to sign out before they leave the school premises.

All visitors should receive and read this guidance document and a copy of the Safeguarding Advice Leaflet for Staff, Volunteers and Visitors before commencing their role.

Thank you for your interest in carrying out voluntary work at this School/Service. You will understand that we need to know a little about you and your background. This is to ensure that you are suitable to carry out work at our school. Please complete the following form and return it to: